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Hi. I'm Caitlin/Hikari :dummy:
Wow, great opening Caitlin..
I used to draw but then I got addicted to fanfics and when you write fanfics you never have the problem that you're too lazy to scan them on to your computer :dummy:
Besides, it's a lot of fun!
I'm just starting of course, but have fun reading my work!
My Social life = a box with cookies after I ate them = empty

I has…
I has…

My DA Family!:dummy:

FieryFafar The crazy cat lady next door. Married to game Silver, mother of one.

Masqurade-Chan FaFar's somehow sane sister.

Hi-Hikari-Byouga Niece of Fafar. Silver obsessed.

firehorse6 Oldest of the 'Silver Sisters' and is married to N Harmonia. Has a child named B Harmonia.

Eifi--Copper Middle of the 'Silver Sisters' and =Rainbowonders's older twin. Married to manga Silver.

Rainbowonders Youngest of the 'Silver Sisters' *Eifi--Copper's younger twin. Married to *LetEveryoneOverARip. Mother of four.

AmiBunny 2nd oldest.

LetEveryoneOverARip 3rd oldest. Married to =Rainbowonders. Father of three.

Solidad1001 Youngest sister.

Maichan97 2nd daughter of Cin, 1st daughter of Leoar & Cin. Married to Wally

Aquamarine74 3rd daughter of Cin, 2nd daughter of Cin & Leoar. Boyfriend is Kaito.

PearlDePalkia 4th daughter of Cin, 3rd daughter of Cin & Leoar. Married to Len Kagamine.

PKD123 Hard working other neighbor. Older sister out of the 'Feels Duo'.

nip-h Shy littler sister of the 'Feels Duo'.

My other DA family!:dummy:

*Masqurade-Chan is the last fat rainbow farting unicorn that can puke pokeballs.

~Cherrypop146 is the mentally unstable hedgehog.

*LetEveryoneOverARip is the little brother who loves penguins.

~TheMadHattersCup is the aunt that is a ramen eating hippo.

~EveFarrel is the insane older sister who every day has a new character she tries to act like for the entire day.

~clawthehedgehog11 is the french toast.

~XNocturnalLightX is the pet hermit crab.

~MikiKimio is the human child that can turn into a baby panda with awesome ninja powaaz!

*lolipoploid is the spoiled creeping bottomless pit of food that drags everyone to wonderland and borrows bananas.

~Dragonfire1024 is the crazy smart, Pokemon obsessive, little sister that annoys everyone by telling them random facts of the day at random times.

!CandyPixels is the pet cat that is quite quirky and likes having lots of fun!

~pockypockysticks is the insane, psychopathic, pyromaniac tomboy sister who loves fire and beanies.

~theliekmudkipz is the creepy, overexcited yet subtly awesome little sister.

~SomnambulantRiparian is the reincarnated alligator from Saskatchewan who has a fetish for Smoothies of all species.

~Immortalfire367 is the redneck Pichu half-brother from Uranus.

~imachi120 is the mail lady who is secretly a spy from the CIA who is also secretly a space traveler from plant AWESOME.

~AmyRoseNumeroUno is the little sister with the creepy smile.

~TheCatgirl246 is the crazy tomboy/rouge who has awesome magical powers and can transform into any animal of her choice.

~SnowCocoa is the tsundere cocoa cup.

~TonberryOwnage13 is the stabby tonberry with a mustache.

=MissKiddoChan is the malteser obsesseed, tsundere, awesome Celebi.

*Sirus7009 is the long lost big brother who enjoys shooting things and writes Pokemon Romance fics like it's a dying trend.

~Hi-Hikari-Byouga is the Unworldly Tsundere Curled Up In A Dark Corner Keeping Herself Alive By Playing Pokemon On Her DS, Reading Fanfiction To Giggle/Weep About Her Feels Afterwards And Eating Happy Colas.

Stamps tell more about me than I'm able to write down because I'm lazy:dummy:
:thumb158795847:Pokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlexPokemon Fo' Life Stamp by SweetDuke:thumb149560920:Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan:thumb213638880::thumb152486413:rival silver stamp by sable-saroSilver is just awesome by MyVampireLullabySoulsilverShipping Stamp 2 by Monkeychild123SoulSilverShipping Stamp by Pure-ResonanceSilver by SK-StampsSilver Stamp by NapporoPokemon: Silver by st-stampsRed Stamp by FoxtaruSoulsilverShipping 1 by Monkeychild123Team Rocket Stamp by InnocentDriveStamp - Team Rocket by kaitoupirateTeam Rocket through time by chili19Pokemon: 'I Like Lyra' Stamp by AstridZeroKotone isn't that bad by SnowCocoaFerriswheelshipping stamp by Mayu-HikaruStamp: Not all FerrisWheel Fans by Pure-ResonanceMewtwo by Cathines-StampsMewtwo Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsYoung Mewtwo Stamp by KaidaTheDragonStamp - Lazy - Writers version by DragoN-FXheebie-jeebies by cockrocketPokemon Fan by AssClownFishStamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyroguePokemon Stamp by In-The-MachinePokemon Stamp by WetWithRain:iconpokefanstamp1::iconpokefanstamp2:Pokemon Overload by KyogreMasterFirst Generation Stamp by SquirtleStampsPokemon by DaakukitsunePkmn AWESOME Stamp by MikuFregapaneHardest Decision Ever by weaver1217pokemon timeline stamp by kuribohspiritLatias Yay Stamp by VyporEeveelutions Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter:thumb152486413:Red iz Awesome by miaowsticGreen is the Boy by NavigatorxNamiPokeGirls Stamp by KristthyPokeboobs stamp by KristthyRed by SK-StampsGreen 2 by SK-StampsBlue 2 by SK-StampsYellow by SK-StampsGold by SK-StampsSilver by SK-StampsCrystal by SK-StampsRuby by SK-StampsSapphire by SK-StampsShipping Support Stamp by TrainerKellyOldrivalshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmXRemembered Stamp by WetWithRain:STAMP: Grammar Nazi by MoonstalkerWerewolfImagination stamp by NamiYamiWriting: My Anti-Drug. by Hurricane-HannahStamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-PhoenixStamp: Creepin' by Flame-of-the-PhoenixWriting Stamp by WetWithRainGoogle Stamp by WetWithRainDrawings Stamp by WetWithRainSwings Stamp by WetWithRainYou support your pairings and I'll support mine! by Monkeychild123Tough Love Stamp by CreepiestDaily... by prosaixPokeBang of 2012 by DesuSigMakerPokemon Master by DesuSigMaker:thumb145509264:New Pokemon Theme by DesuSigMakerI love all eeveelutions stamp by Peach-Momoko:thumb289808955:Pokemon: Leaf by st-stampsPKM: Female Trainers Stamp by NozukiI talk to myself... by prosaixMeat lover by prosaixPokemon Soundtracks Stamp by lila79Keep Hope Alive by alexnart:thumb161778132:I'm differnent by AquaQueen27Message Refresh Stamp by TURGAYYProud Fangirl Stamp by kilala30144Right On Stamp by bandit4eduStamp by TwiggyTeeluckMinions by stuck-in-suburbiaMmmm, Rain by stuck-in-suburbiaDon't by Paddy-fanPenguin Stamp by hosmer23I support my own style stamp by deviantStampsI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateductape by HisMissDolly.:music stamp:. by Im-Mother-NatureSTAMP: Go, Turtwig, GO by Graphriteumbreon stamp. by x-nautsCotton Candy Pikachu stamp by xselfdestructiveStamp: Stop it Mom by FlantsyFlanX-MangaQuestShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3sisteThe Only Team For Me by genkistampsTeam Rocket Executives Stamp by kalot3000
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Hi everybody!:dummy:

I was wondering if you could help me. Let me explain.:dummy:
So, we've gotten this assignment in art class called: The Myth in a Modern Execution.:meow:

It basically means that we have to pick one of 11 myths that we were given and then we have to make a modern interpretation of it.
The myths we can choose from are:
- Europa and the bull
- Theseus (killing the Minotaur)
- Medea (the sorceress)
- Narcissus and Echo
- Leda and the swan
- Icarus
- Herakles('s 12 labours)
- Venus (and her birth)
- Pandora (and the box of Pandora)
- Proserpina and Persefone

While I was thinking of a way to make it fun for me (I don't like it -> no motivation -> slow working process -> spending extra time on a pretty much heartless project), it suddenly hit me: I've been so addicted to Fire Emblem: Awakening lately, I'm going to make the story of Pandora's box in RPG-game style! An RPG-game style like Fire Emblem: Awakening that is.:dummy:
It basically means that I am going to make a small comic telling her story. Next to some normal pictures telling the story of how she was created, there is also going to be an RPG-style dialogue, like…, so that everyone can see that it is in RPG-game style.

Pandora's story is basically this:
Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus, two titans, were assigned by Zeus to create mankind out of earth. They did so, but mankind was not happy. Because of this, Prometheus stole a torch from the Olympus and gave mankind fire. Enraged by this treachery, Zeus wanted to punish mankind, but knew that he couldn't do this directly, for this would insult Prometheus and Epimetheus. He ordered Hephaistos (god of blacksmiths) to create a woman out of water and earth.
When the woman was finished, all the gods gifted her with talents and characteristics. She was given intelligence, beautiful colourful clothes, manners, etc. And last but not least, Hermes (god of trade) gave her a quality that no other human possessed: curiosity. She was named Pandora, which can roughly be translated as 'All-Gifted', due to the presents she had gotten from the gods.
Zeus offered her to Prometheus as his bride, but Prometheus knew that accepting a gift from the gods wouldn't be without consequences, and declined the offer. He then warned his younger brother Epimetheus, but when Zeus offered him Pandora, he was so mesmerized by her beauty, he completely forgot his brother's warnings and accepted.
They were wedded and Zeus gave them a box (actually a jar, but later it was accidentally mistranslated into box) as a wedding present. He told Pandora that whatever she would do, she should never open the box. However, due to Pandora's curiosity of course, she decided to take a small peak. When she opened the box, all disasters that torture the world until this very day escaped and ventured into the world, to, just like I said earlier, torture mankind until this very day. The only thing that was left in the box was Elpis, the spirit of Hope.
Upset by the consequences of her at first innocent looking action, Pandora feared that she was going to be punished by Zeus, but he didn't, because he of course knew that this would happen.

My current production plan is as follows:
1. Write the story. This way I can determine how many panels I need
2. Make a storyboard. This way I can think of how I will draw characters, in what poses, what their actions are, etc
3. Meanwhile I design the characters, backgrounds, a 'game over' screen and the dialogue boxes and the font

The characters I need to design are:
- Pandora
- Elpis
- Prometheus
- Epimetheus
- Zeus
- perhaps some other gods

The thing I want your help with is the designing. Of course I have to do this by myself, but I would appreciate it a lot if you guys would drop some suggestions for the designs of characters, backgrounds, etc. Especially suggestions for the character design would be appreciated.
Please remember that it will be RPG-style, so think of things that are typical for desgin in RPG games.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment and thanks in advance to anyone who leaves a suggestion!:dummy:

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my Internet is dead now, i can't skype or something different sry -.-'''' Damn internet
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lol ok xD
cool o3o
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